“I’ve lowered my blood pressure and blood sugar, I’ve lost weight, and I haven’t been stressed. I’ve experienced an increase in stamina due to walking, I’ve increased my consumption of water, I’ve developed an appreciation for plant-based diets and I … Read More


“I feel that what improved my health the most was the juicing, the herbs, the saunas, and the food. All the laughing made a difference too.” -Electra, St. Lucia


“What I liked the best was the cooking, exercise, worships, training videos, lectures, body rubs, saunas, and the outing. I was able to obtain relaxation, lower my blood pressure, and improve my overall disposition and outlook of taking care of … Read More


“What I liked the best was the food, exercise, gardening, and the outing. I also enjoyed the hydrotherapy as it soothed my body.” -C.A., Alabama


“When I get to where I’m going, people will ask me, “How was the ‘Retreat’ you went to?” My response will be, “It was not a retreat, it was a treat!” They’ll say, “I thought you didn’t want to go … Read More


“It was great to have experienced this, as I can enthusiastically recommend this to others especially those with health challenges. The staff was exceptional, from the very start to the very end of our stay. Thanks for the most restful … Read More


“Some of the benefits I experienced during my stay was learning natural herbs for pain and how to use different combinations to achieve pain relief. I also learned that herbs can be taken more frequently than I thought.” -Denise, Georgia


“I have learned about God’s plants for healing myself without side efects and was able to stay off my blood pressure pills. I believe the 2-day juice fast was also very beneficial in improving my health.” -Irene, California


“I have decreased inflammation so now I’m able to go up and down stairs with ease.” -Ernest, Michigan


“I obtained a more peaceful worry-free attitude as well as a more restful sleep at night. I also have more flexibility in my arms and legs, have lost weight, and feel my body is better toned.” -Paul, Alabama

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