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Barley Max contains powdered juices from organically grown young barley grass and organically grown alfalfa.

Barley Max is already juiced and is very economical.  A level teaspoon is equivalent to a pound of fresh barley.  Its’ convenience makes it simple to use.  Processing of Barley Max does not include heat so the product’s nutritional value is preserved.

Dr. Hagiwara, who developed this product, was dying of mercury poisoning as a result of his lab work.  As a result, he began researching and testing plants.  His conclusion was that the Barley plant harvested at 12 inches was the single most nutritionally dense food on the planet.  By drinking the juice of this plant, Dr. Hagiwara healed himself of his illness.

The benefit of drinking juice as opposed to eating the plant in its entirety is that the juice goes immediately to the cellular level.   No energy by the body is expended in digestion, therefore healing and cellular rebuilding may begin immediately. Over 95% of the plant’s nutritional value gets to the cells. One would have to consume a pound of barley to get the same nutrition.  Yet, the process of digestion would eliminate a large percentage of those nutrients.

Remember that because our bodies are living organisms, we need to feed them with living food.  Raw fruits and vegetables, and especially raw vegetable juice are the best thing we can put into our bodies.

When we eliminate foods that take away our health and replace them with foods that give life and health and rebuild cells, we heal ourselves of many diseases.


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